The Main Site Is Back Online

Elaine Benes Little Kicks

I’m still very, very pissed off, but new posts will appear there . . . until I get thrown into the gulag again.

UPDATE: In case you still can’t get to the main site, try this. Erase your cookies, use the right url ( and refresh your screen.

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8 thoughts on “The Main Site Is Back Online

  1. L-Frame S&W

    Well Wyatt, they obviously didn’t pay off the powers that be, because it’s still suspended :+(

  2. Maybe it’s intermittent. because I am on the main site right now.

    • L-Frame S&W

      I haven’t been able to go there today, still the same suspended message. Who was they guy with the photo issue, the major stockholder for the blog site?

  3. L Frame – Try refreshing the page. That happened to me earlier, and the refresh let me back in.

  4. realwest

    Howdy Wyatt! I have to tell you that the main site is NOT back on line – and yes I refreshed the page too. Maybe you should check with JIma bout all of this?!

  5. Real – We’ve been back up since Monday with no issues. I’m in the middle of writing a post on the site as we speak.

  6. realwest

    Wyatt, unless the site with the photo of the movie good guys (Val Kilmer, all the way over to Morgan Earp is the main site) then I have to disagree with you. I know it sounds STUPID but when I go to SYLG as linked to by Correspondence Committee, I keep getting the Val Kilmer et. al.’s photo NOT the ole main site. Could y’all perhaps link up your url for me?

  7. Erase your cookies, use the right url ( and refresh your screen. That should do the trick.


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